Backup for Your Solar Power System

A solar power system relies upon sunlight to generate electricity. On occasions in which enough solar power isn't available, a battery backup system can be utilized. The use of a solar battery eliminates the need to rely upon electricity from the power grid.

Power Outage Variables

A solar power system is designed to interact with sunlight. First, photons that are released from the sun are absorbed by the solar panels that comprise a system. Next, the photons are turned into electrons. This process is considered a photovoltaic effect. This effect will ensure that electrically-operated equipment will remain turned on as needed. There may be occasions that result in not enough solar power being available.

Cloudy or rainy days will limit the number of photons that a solar power system is able to collect. Some people rely upon the power grid during these "off-peak" occasions. If an electrical power outage is endured, however, an end-user will be left without a viable way to power up equipment or turn on lights. The use of backup solar power helps eliminate disruptions. A power supply will be available whenever solar power or electricity is not.

A Battery Storage Setup

Solar batteries should be stored in a clean, dry area. A battery system will consist of one or more cells that connect directly to a solar power system. The power that is generated through a solar power system will be stored within each cell. Some solar power systems contain a monitoring feature. This type of feature allows an end-user to keep track of how much power is collected and used in any single day.

A battery storage setup should be installed in an area where it can be accessed as needed. A garage or another covered structure that is located near a solar power system will provide adequate space for battery storage. All of the components necessary to install the battery equipment should be handled by a licensed individual who sets up solar power equipment.

In addition to being supplied with a steady source of power, a battery storage setup will eliminate additional electrical costs. Because many people who rely upon solar power may also utilize the power grid during off-peak hours, they are responsible for paying an electrical company. Once you have a battery setup installed, powering up equipment at your home will be solely dependent upon the solar power system and the batteries.

For more information, reach out to a local battery storage installation service.