Three Questions You May Have Related To Your Propane Tank's Gauge

If you have propane-fueled appliances in your home, you have a propane tank where the propane is stored. This tank contains a gauge on it. Most gauges tell you how full the tank is. So, for example, if you have a 250 gallon tank and the gauge says it is 60 percent full, you have 150 gallons of propane left. When it comes to the gauge, many people have questions about the readings they see or what to make of information on the gauge. Here are three questions that you may have that are related to your propane tank's gauge. 

Why Does the Gauge Never Reach 100 Percent?

After having a propane delivery service refill your propane tank, you may expect the gauge to reach 100 percent. However, homeowners do not see their gauge at 100 percent. Most experts recommend that a propane tank never be filled more than 80 to 85 percent. A small amount of propane in a tank can naturally evaporate. When it does, it turns into gas. If your gas tank is 100 percent filled with propane, this gas has nowhere to go, which can cause the gas to build up and crack or implode your tank. Leaving air in the tank and not filling it up all the way with propane prevents this issue.

When Should the Propane Tank Be Refilled?

Your propane tank gauge can let you know when you should refill the propane tank. Unfortunately, you may not know when it is time to contact a propane delivery service to refill your tank. It is recommended that you never let your propane tank dip below ten percent. As such, it is recommended that you contact a propane delivery service and schedule delivery when your tank is sitting at about 20 percent filled. This ensures that propane can be delivered before your tank reaches 10 percent or less. 

Why is the Gauge Level Dropping Quickly? 

Taking the time to read your gauge level routinely will clue you in to about how much propane you use. If you notice your gauge is dropping faster than it normally does, you should be concerned about a leak. A propane delivery service can examine your tank for a leak using a special liquid that bubbles up if a propane leak is present. You should contact a professional immediately if you suspect you may have a propane leak. 

Your propane tank gauge can help you determine how much propane you have left in the tank. This is important, as it lets you know when to contact a propane deliver service for more propane. The gauge can also tell you whether you may have a propane leak. It is important to learn how to read your propane tank gauge and to read it often to ensure you are obtaining the information from the gauge that you need to know. 

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