Installing Troffer Lighting For Your Business? Why You Should Choose LED Troffer Lighting

If you are planning to install troffer lighting for your business, you have the choice of using traditional light bulbs. Another option you have is using LED lights. There are many benefits of choosing LEDs, four of which are listed below. You can then get started on installing your new lighting system.

Save You Money

LED lights use less energy when compared to standard fluorescent troffer lighting, which means you will save money. This is because LED lights use less wattage to create the same level of brightness as a fluorescent light. For example, a fluorescent light may use approximately 60 watts to create the level of brightness, but an LED light would only need to use approximately 32 watts.

Save You Time

Because LED lights use less energy, they last much longer than a fluorescent light. Because of this, you will not have to worry about changing out the LED bulbs as often. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you have to provide lighting for a large building.  If you install all the LED lights at the same time, you could then replace them all at the same time, which will also help save you more time.

Better Lighting Performance

You will have better lighting performance with LED lights. This is important, as you want light distributed in all areas of your business. This will not only help your employees do their job better but can also prevent accidents from happening, such as preventing someone from falling because the area is not lit well enough. LEDs are also available in different color ranges. One range is natural light, which is much like the sunlight. For less light, you could choose cool lighting.

Able to Dim Lights

You can dim LED troffer lighting by using a switch installed on the wall. This will allow you to dim the lights at night when you leave. You may have areas of your business that do not require as much light as others.  If you choose natural lighting, the light output may be too bright at times. The lights can be dimmed at different levels, so you and your employees can create the light output they need.

You should hire an electrician to install your LED troffer lighting. This is especially true if you have never worked with electricity, as doing things wrong could result in an electrical fire. For more information, contact a local light supplier like Thin Light Technologies