Becoming Self Reliant With Alternative Power Sources

Have you ever considered taking the steps to set up a power grid that you can depend on if the local power is not working? There are several great alternatives to generate your own electricity and in some cases, you can make more than you need and store the rest for later. Instead of depending on the power company, you could sell them the extra that you don't use and get them to pay you for a change.  

Solar Generators  

Generating electricity from the sun is not a new concept but we can do it much more efficiently these days. Solar cells have come a long way in just a few years. You can collect more energy now with smaller panels. The older panels took up more space and were much less efficient. With the system set up properly, you can collect and store more than you. If your panels track the sun as it moves, you can extend the collection time throughout the day, optimizing the efficiency of the panels.  

Installing A Solar System  

There are many different kits available on the market and if you want to install it yourself, you can get a solar generator system that will allow you to do that. You will want to check with your building inspector to determine of you can install the electrical interface or have an electrician make the final connection to the service entrance of the home. You will also need to determine where to mount the panels for efficiency and safety. A do-it-yourself kit will walk you through the process and get you headed in the right direction if you follow the directions included in the kit.  

Adding a Nigh Component  

If you want to generate electricity day and night, you could add a wind generator into the system as well. Since it is not dependent on the sun, it would help offset the time that the solar system is down. When used together, these two pieces items can make you completely self-sufficient when it comes to electricity.  

Selling Electricity  

In some areas, if you generate more electricity than you can use, you can actually sell it back to the power company. The rate that they pay for it is lower than what you would pay for it if you bought it from them but it is a nice way to make a little extra money that you don't even have to work for. While the system will pay for itself in saving pretty quickly, if you can offset that with a check from the power company, it will very quickly go from a good idea to a money making venture.  

Whether you're investing in a portable generator or converting to solar power, talk with a local contractor.